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Right-Of-Way Maintenance
Public Works provides Township-wide maintenance to all traffic islands, annual flower planting, and roadside mowing.

Boyce Gardens
The Boyce Gardens is a community based garden area that allows gardeners to rent a plot of land to grow seasonal summer fruits and vegetables. If you are interested in renting a garden plot or have questions about the Boyce Gardens, please contact Phyllis Kender at (412) 221-3118.

The Boyce Gardens is also a great location to enter the 10 plus miles of natural surface trails of Boyce Mayview Park. Please stop at the kiosk for up-to-date information regarding the Boyce Mayview Park and to view a map of the trails of the Park. Residents of USC are free to take leaf compost and wood mulch for all of your at home gardening needs. Public Works keeps a stocked pile for all residents to take at their leisure.

Parks & Fields
Upper St. Clair supports 16 parks and fields totaling approximately 733 acres for the use and enjoyment of Township residents and organizations. Because the intent of the neighborhood parks is for pedestrian access, limited parking is available.

Allegheny Regional Asset District (ARAD) gives a generous grant to the Township of Upper St. Clair. The Township of Upper St. Clair values ARAD for their continued support with our development of Boyce Mayview Park. With ARAD's generous contribution for 2012 of $140,000 in capital support and $160,000 in operational support, the Township is able to continually maintain and expand facilities and services for our regional audience.

If fees or special regulations for use of any of the locations have been set, residents may obtain permits for use from the Township. Non-resident use is by written permission only to ensure proper scheduling.

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