Department of Police Protection

DRUG TAKE BACK - OCTOBER 24th - 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The Police Department and the Youth Steering committee are participating in the DEA's unwanted prescription drug disposal program. On October 24th  from 10 AM to 2 PM drop off your unwanted prescription drugs at the Upper Saint Clair Police Department. This service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. For additional information call the police department non-emergency number at 412-833-1113.

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The Department of Police Protection is responsible for ensuring public safety and for enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the laws and ordinances of the Township of Upper St. Clair. The Township has received national recognition as one of the top-ten safest communities compared with others of similar population in the United States.

The Department's goal is to maintain a "can do" attitude in providing professional, around–the–clock quality service to the community of Upper St. Clair. As part of this effort, the Department is staffed by 35 full–time employees, 28 of whom are sworn police officers and divided into three main divisions: administrative, investigative, and patrol under the command of a Chief of Police.

Visit us on Community Day at the Police Department Tent located near the Recreation Center Building.

Emergency assistance is available by dialing 412-833-7500 or 911

Dialing 412.833.7500 connects you directly to the emergency dispatcher in Upper St. Clair providing fast service. You can also dial 911 which is answered at the county dispatch center then transferred to the USC dispatcher.

Programming your phone with the direct numbers will provide faster service.

Police Administration office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The non-emergency telephone number is 412.833.1113.

Emergency Planning for Homes and Businesses

Proactive Investigating

Do you have a security video camera on your home? The Upper St. Clair Police Department has a database of residents willing to share their video if it could help with a crime investigation. If you are willing to be part of our database, please contact the Police Administration office at 412-833-1113 or email This is strictly voluntary.


Contact the

USC Police

Emergency Calls
Dial 412-833-7500
or 911

Administration Office
Monday - Friday

8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Non-Emergency Calls

1820 McLaughlin Run Road  Upper St. Clair, PA 15241
USC Police Department

Civil Service Board

The Civil Service Board was established to prepare eligibility lists for the hiring and promotion of personnel in police officer positions, except for the position of Chief of Police.

This Board was originally established pursuant to the first-class Township Code and was maintained when the Township became a home rule municipality in 1976.

The Civil Service Board meets only as needed to select new police officers, review officers for promotion or review police disciplinary matters.

Civil Service Board Members

The Board consists of members, each of whom is a full-time resident and qualified elector of the Township of Upper St. Clair. Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to serve for a 3-year term. Listed below are the members of the Civil Service Board and the expiration date of their term.

    Members of the Civil Service Board
  • P. J. Murray III, Chairman - 12/31/19
  • Neal Holmes - Secretary - 12/31/21
  • Shon Worner - 12/31/20

Summary of Police Officer Requirements

    Basic Qualifications:
  • Minimum age of 23
  • Citizen of the United States
  • Four year degree from accredited college or university
  • Completion of Act 120 Training
  • Physically fit for police duty
  • Good moral character
  • Valid license to operate motor vehicle
  • Residency in the Township of Upper St. Clair is NOT a requirement
  • Competivie Examination will include:
  • Job-related physical ability test
  • Oral test
  • Written test – subject to successful physical ability test
  • Psychological and Medical Exam, including Drug Screening and Polygraph Exam
  • Background Investigation

911 Calls

In December 1998 the Enhanced 911 system for this area was activated.

When a resident dials 911 in an emergency, the call is initially sent to the Allegheny County 911 Center located in the Point Breeze Section of Pittsburgh. The call is then transferred to the Upper St. Clair Dispatch Center along with the caller's phone number and address. The Upper St. Clair Dispatcher then calls the necessary emergency services (police, fire, EMS) to handle the emergency.

If you call 911 in error, you should always remain on the line and tell the dispatcher that you dialed in error. If you just hang up, the dispatcher must verify that there is no emergency at that location by calling back. If verification cannot be made by phone, then a police officer must be sent to the location of the call to verify the situation.

Remember that you are still able to call the Upper St. Clair emergency number direct at: 412.833.7500.