The Township of Upper St. Clair Pennsylvania Sidealks and Bikeways

Sidewalks and Bikeways

The Community Development Department has developed a plan for a network of sidewalks and bikeways for the Township of Upper St. Clair. This site provides information on the design, goals, research, and recent developments of that plan.

The strong belief that sidewalks and bikeways are a critical component of desirable communities has been evident from the initial comprehensive update of the Sidewalks and Bikeways Plan in 1998 by former Director of Community Development, Pat Jones. Current Director, Scott Brilhart and the Community Development staff provide various resources to help educate the public, and forward that belief.

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Beginning in the summer of 1998, the Township of Upper St. Clair Community Development Department sought to fully study a network of sidewalks that would foster the concept of community and that would increase the safety of transportation within the Township.

It has been the goal of the department to plan the location of these sidewalks and bikeways with the needs of residents in mind to provide:

  • students an opportunity to walk safely to school
  • pedestrians the ability to travel to points of interest
  • senior citizens the convenience to walk outdoors
  • bicyclists the freedom to ride separate from motorized vehicles.


The Township of Upper St. Clair Community Development Department would appreciate your input on the proposed Sidewalks and Bikeways Plan. In addition to your comments, the following information would be valued.

  • What areas of existing sidewalk need to be improved?
  • What areas would benefit from the addition of sidewalks (whether in the plan or not)?
  • What can we add to our web site?

We thank you for your time and input. Please send your comments to one of the addresses below:
Township of Upper St. Clair
Department of Community Development
Sidewalks and Bikeways Plan
1820 McLaughlin Run Road
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Planning Process

Upon developing a network of sidewalks and bikeways, the Township of Upper St. Clair's Community Development Department explored the role sidewalks and bikeways will serve in the community and where these sidewalks and bikeways would be installed.

Web Sites with pedestrian and bicyclist information: (Note: the information contained on these outside sites does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Township of Upper St. Clair.)

Bicycle Federation of America's Internet Resource Center
The League of American Bicyclists
National SAFE Kids Campaign - Pedestrian Safety

The Development of the Sidewalks and Bikeways Network

Commercial Areas

While Upper St. Clair Township is principally a residential community, the commercial areas provide close, convenient shopping locations. Although many residents are well within walking distance of these areas, they have no safe means to walk or bike to them. The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network will provide these residents with a safe access to commercial areas without the need to use automobiles.

Community Destinations

Upper St. Clair Township has many popular destinations varying from historic landmarks,including the Log Cabin, to the modern internet-accessible library. These are just some ofthe frequented destinations in Upper St. Clair that will be accessible by pedestrians with the Sidewalks and Bikeways Network.

Parks and Recreation

Upper St. Clair Township maintains first-rate facilities such as the Morton Soccer and Baseball Field Complex and the Baker School Playground. However, these parks, like many others, fail to provide adequate pedestrian and bicyclist access to residents. The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network was designed to give residents, especially children, a safe route to many parks and recreational areas that otherwise would have no pedestrian access.


Although for many years there have been calls to provide students and faculty a safe and reliable means of walking and biking to school, progress has been slow. It is a goal of the plan to provide alternative transportation to each school, making the schools part of the entire network of sidewalks and bikeways. With the completion of the network, many more students will be able to walk safely from their homes to school.

Street Crossings

Similar under served areas are also evident in crosswalks that have no sidewalk continuation for pedestrians or bicyclists. The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network will service many of these isolated crosswalks.

Transit Arteries

Many of Upper St. Clair Township's roads are heavily traveled and it seems logical thatwidely used transit arteries should offer some form of alternative transportation. The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network gives residents the opportunity to walk or bike along these transit arteries without facing competition from motorists. The plan will not only provide alternative transportation, but it will also create a safer environment for all travelers.

Transit Sources

Many Upper St. Clair daily commuters efficiently use the light rail (the "T") to travel in to the city. With the Port Authority's plans to create a T Station within Upper St. Clair, it is appropriate that residents close to this facility should not have to drive to the parking lot to use the T. With the Sidewalks and Bikeways Network, the busy roads leading to the proposed T Station will have pedestrian and bicyclist sidewalks to accommodate the community.

Worn Paths

The easiest decision for the location of sidewalks and bikeways came with the sight of worn paths along roadsides, an obvious sign that pedestrian or bicycle travel is high in an area. Many of the worn pathways within the Township are included in the Sidewalks and Bikeways Network.



Department of Planning and Community Development

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(Ext. 5010)
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1820 McLaughlin Run Road  Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Zoning Map
Floodplain Map
Street Map
Voting Wards and Districts Map

Plan Outline & Maps

This plan was created to further the concepts presented in the Township's 1995 Comprehensive Plan on connecting community destinations. For a more detailed look at the design process, see Planning Process.

Map of All Segments

Map of Proposed and Existing Sidewalks

View Map of all segments.


Segment 1: Fort Couch Road

Along Fort Couch Road where the Consol sidewalk ends

This sidewalk will connect to the existing sidewalk along Consol Property, providing walkers and bicyclists with a convenient route to South Hills Village Shopping Center, Cinema Crossgates Plaza, and Norman Center. Fort Couch Middle School and Eisenhower Elementary School would be safely accessed by students within walking distance without concern of traveling near traffic on Fort Couch Road. View the map

Segment 2: Route 19

Where a path has been worn by pedestrian travel along Route 19

Currently, Route 19 does not support pedestrian travel, although it is the most trafficked road in Upper St. Clair and connects many destinations within the township. Connecting Upper St. Clair High School and the Township Municipal Building, the Log Cabin, Gilfillan Park and Trail, West Minster Church, South Hills Village Shopping Center, and Cinema, Crossgates Plaza, and Normancenter, a sidewalk along Route 19 will provide walkers and bicyclists access to a range of locations. Segment 2: Route 19 View the map

Segment 3: McLaughlin Run Road

McLaughlin Run Road

The extension of the existing sidewalk along McLaughlin Run Road would allow pedestrians and athletic facility users further access to the playing fields of Marmion Park and also the Upper St. Clair Township Post Office and Pinebridge Commons. Also, because the narrow berm of this two-lane road is frequently bicycled, a sidewalk accessible by bicyclists would provide a safer means of travel. View the map

Segment 4: Beyond Pinebridge Commons

Pinebridge Commons along McLaughlin Run Road

The proposed development along McLaughlin Run Road north of Lesnett Road would be a convenient location to extend a sidewalk from the Upper St. Clair Township Post Office and Pinebridge Commons, giving quick and safe pedestrian access to residents of the development. Whether this sidewalk follows the road or creek is currently undetermined. View the map

Segment 5: McMurray Road

Wiltshire Park along McMurray Road

This segment has great benefits notwithstanding its short distance. It will connect some of the most frequented locations in Upper St. Clair, including the local Y.M.C.A., Wiltshire Park, and the Municipal Building. Besides increasing the safety of pedestrian travel to these areas, this sidewalk segment will further popularize these facilities. The route of this segment, either along the road or creek, has yet to be decided. View the map

Segment 6: Johnston Road, Old Washington Road, McMurray Road

An incomplete pedestrian crossing near St. Louise DeMarillac Church

This sidewalk will connect Springfield Commons, the Wesley Institute, St. Louise DeMarillac Church, Wiltshire Park and Johnston Park. It is crucial to forming a loop within the community, allowing travelers a continuous path through well-populated neighborhoods.View the map

Segment 7: Old Washington Road and Hays Road

Hays Park along Hays Road

A sidewalk extending from Route 19 to Hays Park would allow the pedestrian traffic along Hays Road to travel safely without becoming a hazard to motorists. View the map

Segment 8: Boyce Road

Boyce Middle School along Boyce Road

The short segment along Boyce Road would allow safe travel for students wishing to walk to school, as well as the residents who would like to use the many facilities open to them near Boyce Middle School without having to use an automobile. These locations include Boyce Fields and Boyce Park and Trail. View the map

Segment 9: Morton Road

Ashlawn Drive

The Morton Road Sidewalk would connect Boyce Middle School and Streams Elementary School while also joining the existing sidewalk along Hastings Mill Road. The main function of this segment would be to provide a safe and efficient sidewalk for elementary students within walking distance of Streams Elementary School. View the map

Segment 10: Morton Road and Morrow Road

Baker Elementary School Entrance on Morton Road

Many recreational sport teams and residents use Morton Fields and Baker Park along this stretch. Because there is often little or no room on the berm of the road, pedestrian travel is limited. A sidewalk would allow these residents a safe means to access these parks as well as Baker School.View the map

Segment 11: Morrow Road

Incomplete pedestrian access to Baker Park along Morrow Road

The shortest segment of the plan would safely connect residents near Baker Park to the facilities and fields it offers. View the map

Segment 12: Old Washington Road

Entrance to St. Clair Country Club along Old Washington Road

The sidewalk continuing the existing Hastings Mill Road Sidewalk and connecting to the Upper St. Clair Township Building would also include the entrance of the St. Clair Country Club. Additionally, this segment is a piece of a planned look to be formed within the township. View the map

Segment A - Fort Couch Road

The end of the Consol sidewalk at the intersection of Route 19 and Fort Couch Road

Although this existing sidewalk extends only through the Consol property, its high usage supports the idea of providing for safe pedestrian travel. The sidewalk, which begins at the intersection of South Hills Village Shopping Center, follows Fort Couch Road until residential properties begin; hence, a complete pedestrian travel to the commercial center of Upper St. Clair Township. View the map

Segment B - Truxton Drive

The sidewalk along Upper St. Clair High School property on Truxton Drive

long the west side of Upper St. Clair High School, a sidewalk connects the high school to McLaughlin Run Road. However,   the sidewalk runs no further than Truxton, leaving walkers and bicyclists to walk on the berm of McLaughlin Run Road to get to such places as the Township Municipal Building, Community Recreation Center, Ball Fields, Golf Course and Tennis Courts. Such a link from the high school and its newly renovated stadium will allow greater freedom inpedestrian travel to these facilities. View the map

Segment C - McLaughlin Run Road

A sidewalk along the Upper St. Clair Tennis Courts by McLaughlin Run Road

The current composition of this sidewalk includes landscaped areas along the tennis courts up to Morrow Road and also sidewalks throughout Municipal Park. Nonetheless, there are still areas along this path that disappear into inadequate berms. Although walkways exist along this road, many areas could benefit from refurbishment. This area along McLaughlin Run Road contains many of Upper St. Clair Township's most used facilities ranging from the playing fields to the library to the community center. An improvement to this area's sidewalks will result in easier access to these important community destinations. View the map

Segment D - Hastings Mill Road

The sidewalk along Hastings Mill Road

The latest sidewalk addition to Upper St. Clair Township is along Hastings Mill Road. Although the segment's only destinations are near Morton Fields Complex and Route 19, the sidewalk is heavily traveled by many of the residents in this area. This segment represents a beginning of a linked community wide system of sidewalks and bikeways. View the map

Benefits & Safety

Sidewalk amenities range from transportation to recreation to fostering a sense of community. Along with these benefits, a significant purpose of the network is to increase the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.


The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network links many popular locations within the Township, giving residents an environmentally sound alternative to driving. Such areas include parks and recreation, schools, community destinations, and commercial areas. Connecting these locations to residential areas gives better opportunities to residents to use these facilities and promotes commerce within the Township.


Where residents cannot walk their neighborhood safely they have fewer opportunities to know their neighbors and, consequently, less sense of community. The network strives to remedy these situations

Property Values

A walkable neighborhood will generally be a more desirable place to live than a less pedestrian friendly counterpart.


Children in the parks and riding bikes in the streets are everywhere in Upper St. Clair. Facilities in playgrounds and parks are held to high safety standards, and likewise safety should also be a primary concern when designing the routes to these facilities.

Many families and senior citizens go for walks and jogs and have to compete with automobiles for road space. Bicyclists also encounter difficulties on roads because there is not enough space for both automobiles and bicycles to co-exist on street. The Sidewalks and Bikeways Network is the key to safer pedestrian and bicyclist travel in Upper St. Clair.